Sunday, June 12, 2011

early six month update

Since I haven't been updating reliably, and now there's too much to say, here's a list of stuff:
  • bisphenol A lingers in your system
  • styrene will kill you
  • I had major gut surgery in the beginning of June, and it went great. I've been healing faster than the doctor is used to, so all those years of learning to recuperate must have been good for something.
  • Pain triggers my fight-or-flight reflex, so it's still a little out-of whack, but I just need more practice keeping it settled down.
  • I practiced almost exclusively in the sauna over the last few months, so I feel great in there. If I don't get in there for a few days, like after surgery, things are not as good, so I need to practice on the couch. Also standing at the sink doing dishes.
  • I'm still sensitive to moderate-range air quality problems, but mid-moderate instead of almost-good moderate.
So now I'm contemplating a different, minor surgery that I'd been putting off, but that can wait another few months. How many EIs do you meet who have a couple of surgeries saved up who actually want to go through with the second one? Getting your lumps and bumps taken out so they don't hurt anymore is really beyond description.


Blogger kare said...

Hey! Hi!
i don't update reliably (or comment;) either ...
but i want you to know that i DO read your updates and appreciate them when you do get them out here.
For me it's just a bit hard to get the words i want to say out without it all seeming like babble... which it does anyway:(
You make sense to this muddled mind of mine ...

Just wanted you to know...

Have you found a Red "rolling pin" yet?]
Anyways ... Thank you for being here when you can!!

*kare (iznaabugg)

4:23 PM  

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