Sunday, April 03, 2011

things you can't do even if you're feeling much better

Yesterday I learned that doing homeless EIs' laundry is a good way to contaminate your dryer and not just one, but both washers.

Here's how you do it: you wash a bunch of new t-shirts in your auxiliary washer for one of the homeless ladies, mostly following her directions. Then she comes over and sniffs (and touches) the shirts, each one, probably more than once, and also touches the giant glass jars they were in. She still reacts to the shirts, and you're reacting to her at this point, so you say you'll keep washing them until they're ok.

So you go inside, and since you washed the jars just an hour ago, you put them over near the washer and dryer, and without examining the situation, you put your own stuff from the good washer into the dryer.

At this point, you suck whatever the heck is coming out of the homeless lady and getting onto everything she touches into your dryer, contaminating it and your clothes. Plus you put her stuff back into the auxiliary washer, liberally coating the inside of that with whatever it is. When you take your stuff out of the dryer, you get a surprise, so you try to wash it out in the good washer, which just doesn't work on this stuff. Ta da!

So now both washers and the dryer have been scrubbed to within an inch of their lives, which probably only took about six hours this time, and I learned my lesson.


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